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The Characteristics Of The Cylinder Test Equipment

The main task of the cylinder test equipment is to test the cylinder curing and drying, cylinder evacuation and cylinder gas tightness test, we use the cylinder test equipment, the cylinder curing and drying test should be based on Operation of the specified process to operate, can not miss any steps, of course, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments can not be unauthorized steps to change, so as to avoid unnecessary failure, when the cylinder test equipment for airtight test test, the main use of the cylinder The test equipment will test the cylinder full of gas inside, and then the entire cylinder completely soaked in the sink, but from the surface in the depth of the surface can not be less than five centimeters, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the cylinder slowly rotating to observe the bubble around the bottle wall, If the bubble is continuous, then it is proved that there is a leak in the cylinder, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments which means that the cylinder is not qualified.

And the final cylinder for the detection of the evacuation, in fact, the main use of the cylinder of the detection equipment to the cylinder inside the air completely empty, the main test step is to pump the pump open, and then the cooling water valve and power to open, after pumping the pump can To operate, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments and then have been evacuated cylinder out, will be evacuated the entire tube into the mouth of the valve into the mouth, and then open the angle valve and start taking the time to work, but when the value on the pressure gauge reaches the specified range, said the evacuation Work has ended, this time need to immediately close the angle valve, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments until all the work is over, will pump the pump off, and then close the cooling water valve.

 For the use of professional cylinder test equipment, it is broken before the air, we actually have to pay attention to should be to 6 bottles directly on the raw material wrapped around the raw material on the seat to the tight, tight Then, in fact, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments we should pay attention to should be used to tighten the wrench, then, in fact, it should be careful to open the professional cylinder test equipment on the air inlet valve.

 Should pay attention to it should be gradually boosted to 15Mpa, in its no obvious leak after the phenomenon, we actually have to pay attention to should be pulled to the turntable, followed by testing for professional cylinder test equipment, we actually It is necessary to pay attention to the bottle valve in terms of it should be sunk into the water to test, after the end of the test is actually should pay attention to shut the air on the import valve.

Then, in fact, we should pay attention to a certain brief to open a test bottle valve, then speaking, in fact, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments it should be careful to let the gas to let go, wait until its pressure directly back to zero after You can remove the bottle valve to the next round of the job.

For professional cylinder test equipment, it is in large part of the fact that it will be more suitable for the design, in terms of its nominal work pressure in terms of it will be 10-25MPa, followed by, in fact, we are To pay attention to its nominal volume in terms of it is actually 30 - 120L, this way, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments to a large extent also to meet the compressed natural gas cylinders or different types of specifications of the steel lining ring to the winding gas Bottle, and that is its nitrogen oxygen seamless cylinder for periodic inspection.

Speaking of professional cylinder test equipment, we actually should pay attention to the cylinder itself on a technical parameter, in terms of its cylinder diameter is actually in terms of 20 - 426mm, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments followed by its cylinder The length of speaking, in fact, it will be in the 600 - 2000mm, in fact, it should be the last note that the weight of the cylinder is ≤ 160Kg this range.