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Common Classification Of Blasting Tester

First, according to the sample loading mode can be divided into: tensile-compressive fatigue test, bending fatigue test machine, torsion fatigue test, composite stress fatigue test, bending fatigue test can be divided into rotary bending fatigue test, round bending fatigue test, plane bending fatigue test; can be divided into three-point bending, four-point bending, cantilever bending fatigue test;

Secondly, the type of stress cycle can be divided into: equal amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test, etc.

Thirdly, according to the stress (strain) cycle time of breaking the specimen can be divided into: low-cycle fatigue test, high-cycle fatigue test, the failure cycle times greater than 5X104, called high-weekly fatigue test, less than 5X104 called low-cycle fatigue test;

Then, according to the test environment, it can be divided into: room temperature fatigue test, low temperature fatigue test, high temperature fatigue test, thermal fatigue test, corrosion fatigue test, contact fatigue test, fretting wear fatigue test, etc.

Finally, there are no prefabricated cracks according to the specimen: conventional fatigue test and fatigue crack propagation test.